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See what other people are saying about our The Outpost on Yukon apartments! At The Outpost on Yukon Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


We’ve been living here since 2021 and have seen management change hands several times since then. The first management team was horrible. Didn’t address tenant issues, moved us into a roach-infested unit when I was pregnant and had a small child…it was a nightmare. But soon they were gone, and the management team that took their place fixed most of the issues that we had when we moved in, including the pest issues. The current management team has built on that and has really made this place feel like a good place to live. Now, these are older apartments. You’re not going to get fancy smart thermostats and all that here. But the heaters work well (and new systems were installed over the past year) and the neighboring tenants have been great. One problem is with the water pressure, and with inconsistent hot/cold water associated with the pressure issues, but it’s really more of an annoyance than anything. There were issues in the past with inadequate hot water, but (at least in my unit) the boilers were replaced and that issue has been more or less resolved. The only downside is that all of the fees and utilities will add about $200 to your rent before you pay your electric bill, so be prepared for that. But because the buildings are older, the rent is much more reasonable than other places I’ve looked. And maintenance is so much more responsive than anywhere else I’ve lived (and I’ve rented in a lot of cities). Hoping that the pool gets fixed soon—it broke the day we moved in, and we haven’t been able to enjoy it yet, but I’ve heard that might be in the works. Fingers crossed!


Overall, our experience for the past year and a half have been great. The neighborhood is quiet, feels safe, and feels like a great place to start a family. I knew this apartment was going to be great when we moved in because there were always kids playing outside. The building isn't the most updated or the most renovated, but I'm okay with that. I prefer our lower trim unit because we get to keep the carpet throughout the apartment. Also, because it's not the fanciest newest, most updated place, rent is reasonable for the current market and we plan to stay while saving money for a house. That being said, it doesn't feel outdated or horribly out of style. It's simple and cozy. Additionally, maintenance has always been on top of repairs and requests. We never have more than a two day turnaround for requests. The maintenance team really takes care of the property. Besides some aesthetic reasons, I have no actual complaints about the neighborhood or complex. Love this place!


Angie is Ann amazing manager ; she is very consistent at her customer service and is super kind. Recommend


Your manager here at the Outpost has been the greatest person ever.Yes Angie has been there whenever I needed her advice. She has helped me out so,so much and please leave her here at the Outpost. Whenever I need something done she always does her best to get it done. I appreciate her so much. Thank you for taking time to read this. I also appreciate Kirk our mmaintenance man



I highly recommend these apartments, not only is it a short walk to stores/restaurants/bus lines around the area which is convenient, they have onsite laundry room with dog wash area inside which is cool, brand new huge dog park, the outpost at Yukon apartments are a lot more affordable and nicer then what you would get when you pay somewhere else, friendly neighbors all around, kudos to the new property manager, she has been a huge help to the community and very friendly since day one, she will do everything she can to help you, and will actually get things accomplished around here, kudos to the maintenance guy for being a one man army and getting everything fixed as fast as he can. As long as this management team is around I plan on renewing my lease.


Nice folks in the office. The community is great. If there are any issues they are always taken care of promptly and the maintenance man is one of the most pleasant I've ever seen. Definitely looking forward to renewing our lease and sticking around for a good long while.


Stopped by here for a tour. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. They were able to answer all my questions, seemed knowledgeable. Accommodating to my time and needs.


Great location/ environment! Great staff :) 10/10 recommend .


The management here is amazing! This property has done a huge transformation. Thank you to all of the staff!

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